digest this.

reader's digest books come in SO many different colors...
i have collected bunches of them since college to decorate with
( i've only read TWO stories out of them...both murder mysteries...haha)
every book has a different spine color and a
patterned paper on the front and back covers.
i love finding these books at thrift stores in their
solid book jackets and and taking the jackets off to see
what pretty paper is hiding inside...

the book spines are very pretty, but lately I have been
 wanting to create a fresher look. so i just turn the books
 around and feature the cover papers instead of the spines...
i have always found them at various thrift stores,
 but i was looking on Etsy the other day and found some!


Cassie said...

i love these!! such cute patterns!

Rene said...

Awe...thank you for the shout out Rebecca. I love me some pretty books :)


calen said...

So I saw some of these today at a thrift store, and it reminded me of your post! I didn't get them because we are overflowing with books at our house (currently have four full bookcases and more under beds/attics), but they are beautiful. I think we are about to move into a different house (great timing, right? ha!) and I might want to decorate with them. They have awesome covers. Love you!