the mister and i are all cozied up at home today
 because of a few inches of snow.
i just love how texans can't handle snow
and shut down EVERYTHING. :)
and yes you can laugh at my attempt to protect the carolina jasmine that is growing up our porch posts. haha... i wrapped it with some leftover blackout lining...don't know if it helped...but i guess we will see in a couple of days when it is 75 degrees again!

the pups are lovin the snow...i think this only
 their second or third time to see snow...
they ran circles around the yard forever...when i finally decided to video them...
they saw me and decided to come in....sillies. Emily got some way better shots of her two pups!

the hubs just made chocolate chip cookies (his specialty). gonna go eat em up.
peace out, girl scout.


Michelle @ Ten June said...

I'm SO jealous!! We were snowed in a few weeks ago and it was heaven!! Sweatpants, fires and lots of cookies : )

Rene said...

Everything shuts down here too. Love that shot of the pups. Mattie Gray is such a cold girl, but take her out in the snow and she loves it. Go figure. Your kitchen looks great, btw.


Megan said...

Those cookies look delicious! I wish that we would get some snow!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are surviving the cold weather and snow!
Happy Winter!