i wore purple today. oops.

normally it wouldn't matter, but my boss' two little grandson's (7 & 4)
were at the studio for about thirty minutes this morning,
and they punished my left arm several times for not having any green on.

so here is what i should have worn:

1. Flutter neck shell Top- Ann Taylor LOFT
2. Detail on front of shell top
3. Cardigan- JCrew
4. Crystal Confection ring- Kate Spade
5. Malibu Hoops- Forever 21
6. Pin Slim Patent Belt- JCrew
7. Seaport twisted bangles-Kate Spade
8. Dropped gem bracelet- Banana Republic
9. Make Fast Flats- Anthropologie
10. Black Matchstick Jean - JCrew

 teal counts as green right? or would i still have gotten pinched??

my grandpa always used to tell me that i needed to wear
orange and green on St. Patrick's day.
i never knew or asked why...i just thought he was being funny.

that some people (very few) wear orange!

Orange is symbolic of Irish Protestants
 while Green is symbolic of Irish Catholics.
On the Irish flag, there is an orange stripe,
a green stripe and a white stripe.
The orange is for the Protestants, the green is for the Catholics
and the white is for the hope of peace between the two.

wonderful. a history lesson for all of us. :)

i am headed out of town until monday...so it's an early
weekend for me! Hope you all have a lovely one!



Kelly Mann said...

CUTE outfit! Now if only we could find the money to purchase all of the lovely little things!! :) Miss you!

Shelbi Rampy said...

interesting! i never knew that!

Emily said...

kind of reminds me of that time pledging when you wore your yellow skirt to chapel instead of the khaki pants :)