scalloped cornice and ballerinas.

some of you awesome people voted on which fabrics to use in a little

and the crowd favorite was the design that incorporated the
sweet little degas ballerina fabric....

wellllll my client agreed with all of you! She loved the ballerina's!
we haven't installed yet, but i just wanted to
 share some pics of the finished pieces:
and don't you worry... we definitely have some custom
 curtains out of the ballerina fabric for our little missies play castle!
 (they are still wrapped in plastic, but will soon
be a part of a little princesses dream world:) haha... oh to be 4 again.
didn't it all turn out super cutie pie?!
hope every one of you has had a great monday!


Studio B Designs said...

You are one of our favorite Blogs! Check out your shout out at www.studiobcreativejuice.blogspot.com.

Michelle @ Ten June said...

Holy cow, I love it! I always tell everybody but I have ALWAYS wanted to decorate my little girls' room in ballerinas. Now I just have to have a little girl :) Great job!!