weekend wedding.

we went to my brother-in law's wedding this
weekend in Dripping Springs Texas...
the wedding was at Vista West Ranch which was a really beautiful/rustic location.
I didn't get any pics of them, but Susie was a gorgeous bride!

here are a couple of pics off of the venue's website
the hubs was a groomsman, so he was busy busy all weekend...
and i got to spend the weekend with these lovely ladies:
precious Miss Whitney Pinson (who is dating another one of my brothers-in-law)
Autumn Whitaker (who i just met this weekend, love her) 
and my sweet sis Amanda! We had a blast hanging out, eating frozen yogurt, and relaxin.
and here is my sweetie pie in all his windswept wedding glory. ;)
it was a WINDY/CHILLY day! we were all glad that the reception was inside!

Hope you all had a great weekend and a good start to this week!


Erika said...

Great picture of you two!

Rene said...

You all are just adorable.