craigslist two.

just been cattin' around on craigslist again...

Check out these fun bamboo pieces:
i love this headboard and can see it
 painted out in a glossy coral or white!

image 2226679815-1
get it, paint it and have a look like this:
elle decor


I just think that this would be pretty in
a small entry...and it's 75 buckaroos
image 2272186416-0


but a few coats of paint and it could
be a REALLY fabulous piece:
 if you painted the inset areas in a different color you
 could have some super stylish storage for ...$10?!? do. it.
and then accessorize it like this:


check out these saweet mid century consoles that
would be a perfect place for the telly to perch upon...
image 2270970084-0

image 2277017700-0
these consoles are straight up Emily Henderson style and would fit
perfectly into a room like the one she designed on her latest episode:


i love the tribal-esque fabric on this great little side chair....
and a great deal at $225 especially
since you wouldn't have to reupholster it!
a very ANTHRO look, don't you think?
except without the huge-o price tag.


mid-century hutch, table and chairs ($350) wowsa:
image 2280272638-0

image 2280272638-1

k that's all.
peace out girl scout.


Anonymous said...

Great finds. I love the dresser (with flowers painted on the side). With a great paint color, the dresser could turn into something fabulous!
E + J

Michelle @ Ten June said...

ah! that bamboo dresser in the middle rocks!! go buy it up girl!! lots of great finds : ) xo

Melissa Lewis - Midwest Magnolia said...

Don't you just love Craigslist. It's become quite the obsession for me though. I can't seem to get off of it because I'm so scared we are going to miss something. Lovin' your finds here.