SLeiGh BeLLs & SnoWFlakEs

i wasn't going to put this post up until after Thanksgiving, but Kelly inspired me to go ahead and get going on the Christmas cheer. And besides, i wouldn't have time after Turkey day anyways because i'll be busy Christmassing our home!

we won't be here next week so i am at least holding off until after Thanksgiving to get started on Christmas decor, but by no means am i judging those who have already begun bringing Christmas into their homes. If only i could, i would decorate November1st (Lu would flip) haha...maybe not that early, but in my head it has already been done since August.

i've been collecting images all year long for holiday decor inspiration and i'm so excited that it's almost time.. So here is my One Week Before Thanksgiving: Christmas Fest...

 i think there is some greenery like this in my backyard...
i'll just go pick it and make a garland. pahaha...yea right...
Kody & Heidi would have eaten already if there was.
...i'll take one of these staircases as well...
look at those balusters, i don't think i've seen any like that before. love em.
 so perfectly quaint.
 ...i think this is the kind of tree kids dream of. Just magical.
 ...cutie ( this made me think of mrs. j's cutie pie chandelier ornamentation last year )
 ...crafty. this looks like something you would be great at making.
 ...we don't have a chandelier over the dining table yet...
maybe i could do this for some temporary bah-ling
 ...those windows give me chills...
not cause of all the cold air they let in, but because they are GORGEOUS!!! bahaha
 & you gotta love the wreaths...very charming.
...fun vintage
...this is typically how our foyer looks during the holidays. ; )
 ...fun idea for those of us who don't have an actual mantle
(here is another cute idea that doesn't involve purchasing a piano)
 so fresh and so clean clean...(my dogs aren't white and they don't sit on velvet pillows)
 adore this setting...i'll take that exact fireplace, tree, and wallpaper (even if it is a touch girlie-fied)
mini trees! although conversation at this table might be awkward.

holy moly....this was alot of inspiration. hope it gave you some good ideas!!!

i didn't keep a very good record of where I got all of these pics but here are some of the places...

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Kelly Mann said...

LOVE it! Thanks for the shout out!! please, please, PLEASE can we get together soon? I miss you like crazy!