before & after monday.

i hope you are all having a lovely Monday! it has been 70 degrees
 and sunny all day today. i've been loving it. but tonight we are
supposed to get snow, ice, freeezing ickiness. eeewwww

i took a few quick pics to share with y'all at a client's house today! we are wrapping up a kitchen remodel...

 our budget kept us from getting new cabinets, but we worked with them and updated the backsplash counter tops and flooring. Relocating some appliances and knocking out the wall between the kitchen and the dining/living has made a HUGE difference.

We are not quite done, but i just had to share these quick pics with y'all because it is such a dramatic difference!


the backsplash is a realllly pretty marble mosaic...
the undercounter lights we put in accents the splash
as well as provide excellent task lighting for her
new granite work space.

it might not be as fun looking at people's houses that y'all
don't know, cause it's not as personal, but I hope you don't
 mind me sharing a little of my work on here. :)

xoxo...bundle up tonight so you don't freeze your bootie off!!


Megan said...

This is amazing! It's so much more open and light!!

Kylie said...

oh my! We did almost the exact same thing to our kitchen! I haven't posted the reveals as we are finishing up trim and paint - but i LOVE the open space now. So much more liveable :) Hope you're loving yours, too!