out of my box.

i made a little fashion board...
i was going to put together a complete outfit,  but was unsuccessful.

 so what i ended up with was a
collection of pretties in golds and coral.

i'm NOT recommending that you wear ALL of these
 items at once, but if you did i wouldn't be mad.
just jealous. ;)

and then there is this stinkin cute top....

 i had to share it with you because i heart it.
thankfully they are out of my size, because
 i don't need it / don't need to spend the mulah on it.

but it is 50% off so hopefully one of you will
love it as i do and will go grab one before they are all gone.


Silk Ink Splash Print Top................. ANN TAYLOR $88 $40

tomorrow is thursday, i love thursdays!

i hope you all are having a 
productive and delightful week.


Meagan said...

May I ask how you made that lovely design board?

Rene said...

Yes please!

I have an award for you...


Rebecca @ gibbgabb said...

Meagan, I just put pictures together in powerpoint. super duper easy peasy, cause that's how i roll, i think the people who really know what they are doing make them in photoshop.

Rene, you're the bestest! Thanks for the award!

Michelle @ Ten June said...

How cute are you?! Love your blog! And that ATL top? Heaven. Might need to go get one if it's on sale!

So glad to have a new friend! xo