pretty wall.

I've been thinking about wallpapering the wall behind the bed in our master bedroom
for a while and have found several papers that would be marvelous, but I'm just
 not willing to shell out that much cash-o-la for a house that we have
 no idea how long we'll live in.

sooooo....I decided that stencilling might be a better option,
with a mucho better price tag. At first I thought
about making my own stencil and being a super crafty queen
but now after seeing all of the amazing options out there, I think I will be
making a stencil purchase for this project.

I've been collecting images that have stenciling on the walls
and I was planning on doin a post with theses images
here in the next few weeks.

Then this morning when I saw that one of my
favs: Cottage & Vine, was having a stencil give away, I decided
to go ahead and post them...
love the chainlink
pretty trellis
I like that there isn't alot of contrast in this one, very subtle.
i like this larger scale  
so fun!

Diamond Damask

...both of these are on the list of possibilities. Which do you like?
The Diamond Damask or the Chainlink?

1 comment:

Kelly Mann said...

Chain link looks so much more "YOU" to me! LOVE IT! I have one in mind for our bathroom when we get that project going! :)