i finished the window treatments for our dining room!
...i made 4 unlined panels with 4" double hems and sewed rings on the top
...we had the rods all ready and the rings were
originally silver so I painted them black to match the rods.
the fabric is pretty heavy weight so I didn't feel like lining was necessary.
 i haven't ironed them yet...i'm hoping the
 wrinkles will magically fall out by themselves ;)
 i decided that I would probably want to keep to drapes
pulled open most of the time, so I went looking for some pre-made
 and here is where the pics get dark... oopsies
if i backed up far enough to get a pic of the entire window,
 the light coming from outside made the pic get all shadowy...
and i didn't take the time to figure out how to get it right...
sooo these two final pics are
darky but hopefully you get the overall idea...

well...that's that!

i hope each and every
one of you is having a great Tuesday!


Kristee said...

Gorgeous!!! How much do you charge? :)

Love you.

Kelly Mann said...

So pretty! Love 'em!

p.s. the wrinkles never magically go away... I've been meaning to steam mine in the bedroom for months now and I've just been hoping they'd go away too. No such luck! haha! oh well, we can have wrinkly drapes together!

Cristina said...

Love it! Great color :)