puppy love.

the weekend was great! it was so nice spending time with my
 precious family-- we just relaxed, ate, talked, went on a
long walk, and just enjoyed being together!

i picked up some flowers at HEB friday afternoon...
they were sittin' so fresh and pretty in the kitchen all weekend.

my brother brought his doggie that they recently had neutered...
and little buddy has beeen having a problem with healing because
 he won't leave his stitches alone....sooooo...they came
up with the ingenious idea to put a bathing suit on him to keep him from
messing with the stitches.... they put a bathing suit on him!
sorry that it is a horrible picture, but you get the idea.
he was pretty cute in his board shorts! so cute in fact that i think our
little Heidi Sue might have just fallen in love with him...

she wouldn't leave the front door and moaned
and whined for thirty minutes after buddy left!
 it was PAH-thetic!!!
poor baby...got her little puppy lovin heart broken.

have a good monday!


Kristee said...

Your dogs have middle names?? :)

Rebecca @ gibbgabb said...

yes. Heidi's middle name is after you, because you love her so much.