baby room. (not mine ;)

i don't ever share projects from work on here, but i am
doing a precious little two year old girl's bedroom right now and i am just
really enjoying all the precious prints, polka dots,
and pastels. so i thought i share two options with
y'all and see which one you like better...

this little sweetie "likes" butterflies and ballerinas & pastel colors.
(she has really developed taste for someone so young...
lol or maybe mamma had a little influence over her style preference ;)

 i'm not a huge fan of themed rooms, so a couple of pillows and a fun
cornice window treatment will be the real pizazz...
 the rest of the room (white bed, with pale pink and white
 monogrammed bedding, neutral walls/floors) will be classic and can
remain the same as this little baby grows older.

so here is OPTION #1: powder blue and pink ballerinas
(scalloped cornice board and 3 throw pillows in sketch)
*the edges in the sketches are blacked in for my upholsterer to
see the shape better...the actual cornice will be self-corded
 all the way, with a beaded trim detail at the bottom. 

 and here is OPTION #2: pale green, pink, and purple butterflies
(scalloped cornice board and 3 throw pillows in sketch)
...sooo.... i know which one is my favorite. ;)
which one would you choose out of the two?


Katie said...

I am by no means an interior designer, but I like option 1! Super cute!

Bo and Marie Mechinus said...

i like option 1 also!

Unknown said...

option 1!