pups present.

i made a doggie bed for my sweet Kody and Heidi for Christmas
with some remnant pieces of upholstery fabric.

I made a huge pillow that I stuffed with left over batting
from some of this year's upholstery jobs.
Then I made a big pillow case with a ginormo
36" zipper on one end.

It was a very simple project...but it was greatly
 appreciated this Christmas by....my dogs,
 myself, and... the rest of my family...

we all had a great time snugglin with the pups on their new bed!

Kody and Heidi also enjoyed the extra
cushion on the four hour drive to San Antonio...

maybe one day our puppies will become grown ups...that aren't as messy
and they can have one of these beauties. Ahhh....i just love all
of the patterns and colors they offer. too cute!

Hope you have a lovely Thursday!


Kelly Mann said...

TELL me about it! I've been swooning over them for the longest time! I just think about how dirty it'll get though!

Anonymous said...

what I was looking for, thanks