felt alot like christmas.

I got some cutie pie wrappin paper from tar-jay this year and I
was hoping to get started tonight with the gift wrapping.

...so I was at wally-world
 last night looking at curling ribbon and other packaging embelishments
and I got to thinking that my favorite packages to open are ones that
 look like they have been put together with care and creativity...

which of course made me think of getting a gift from Anthropologie.
 don't you just love their fun felt, ribbon and button decorations?
simple but so cute and crafty...
well...I figured the felt one couldn't be too complicated to DIY so i googled it
and found this loverly blog that did a tutorial on it:
too cute huh?

and the directions look pretty easy so now i'm super excited to run
by hob lob and pick up some fun felts and get started!

Have you seen any fun Christmas wrapping ideas?? please share!

Hope you all have a happy hump day!

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Kelly Mann said...

ummm, so... i've been EYEING those cutie little felt flowers for months now! I just KNEW they were easy to make, but I hadn't taken the time to look it up! Thanks for the link, and I hope you don't mind me copy cat-ing you! :)