great guy gifts.

everyone one has been compiling gift lists for him/her/self...
and this morning my co worker was looking on Amazon
for a gift for her son and asked me to help...

well..whilst looking around i couldn't help but notice all
of the amazing finds that I'm sure any husband, brother,
 boyfriend, dad or son would thouroughly enjoy...so i thought i'd put a
 lil list together and share them with you...(click on the pics)

for starters...check out this cute little number...
...and at $230 dollars off the original price, how can you resist????
...this is a good look for any man who is still trying to find
that special someone to impress...you should definitely consider
 this option as a gift for that great bachelor friend of yours who just can't
seem to snag the right girl's attention.

next up we have these fabulous men's cut offs...
...can't you see your best guy friend runnin around next summer in these?
these are not being sold as girls shorts, i promise. click on
them to follow the link if you don't believe me

...This is probably my favorite...can't you see it...
Christmas morning pics with you and your sweetie
 all decked out in pink footed onesies!!! perfection.
And what guy wouldn't be thrilled to get his
hands on this super sweet man's pilgrim costume??

All in all, I think I've given you a very diverse list of great guys gift options.
You can thank me later.


Kara Sheets said...

Those are hilarious! Don't tell Zach, but I'm gonna get him the jorts this year : )

KEllwood said...

Those are priceless!

Anonymous said...

dead serious... this girl at my school is having an 18th birthday party with a choreographed dance that she asked 10 girls and 10 boys to be in... all of them got ed hardy jackets that look like the one at the top. (she's really rich and for some reason has really bad taste)

Rebecca @ gibbgabb said...

oh wow...she is so lucky. and so are her friends.

Rene said...

HA! When I first saw the Ed Hardy jacket I was a little nervous. I get it now thankfully :) just slow on the uptake.


Jennifer said...

LOL love them!!