dressing the naked windows.

the Dining Room has been in need of some window clothing...
for quite a while.

My husband who is only concerned with FUNCTION...
never BEAUTY keeps reminding me. ;)

So this project is a - keep the glaring light outta my eyes/give
me a lil privacy at night time - project.

ok...maybe it's also a - add a lil sumpthin soft and pretty - project.

either way....I am making drapes for the dining room!

I wanted something neutral, but that still had a lil personality...
and I believe this ROBERT ALLEN print is gonna do a fantastic job:
and yes...I did unroll all 12 yards and have them hanging like sheets
in my windows right now. but not for long...hopefully.
If all goes according to plan...I should have them finished by Sunday night.
 (haha...we will see about that)


René said...

Our dining room windows are bare too. Could you kindly make some curtains for me? They are going to look terrific!


Emily Adams said...

I really love this!