quilt skirt.

my grandma let each of us girls pick a quilt from her collection last year. 
This little blue and white one may not have been the biggest, nicest,
or prettiest, but gave it held the most value for me because of my memories
 of it from when I was little...
I have been using it in our guest bedroom but, I wanted to use
it for Christmas this year to help bring in some of that blue.
I layered it on top of a piece of gold remnant fabric to keep it off of the ground.
Maybe eventually i will make a fabulous tree skirt like a
certain sister of mine (who has yet to blog about her fabulous creation ; )
but for now i'm diggin this little look.

On a side note.... have any of you done ZUMBA before? I went
to my second class last night and I LOVED it! It is SUCH
 a great workout and SO much fun. If you live in Abilene you should
come to the classes with me!

hope you are all having a wonderfully blessed day!

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Erika said...

I love this post for two reasons:
I've been on Etsy trying to find a cute tree skirt and not able to find one but now I'm going to use my grandmother's quilt!!
The other reason: I do Zumba out in the country in Welch and LOVE it!