wood is in! woot woot!

We FINALLY got the hardwood flooring laid in the dining room this
weekend! WOO HOO! Here are some pics from the process...
we pulled up the carpet and found this LOVERLY vinyl tile...mmm niice
 (Kody is entranced by the camera)
...So we ripped it all up, it actually pulled up pretty easily, the
glue was so brittle, i bet it's been there for forty years. 
 (this is Lukie's... "yea this is coming up pretty easily" face)
I was on the clean up crew. : )
...K & H approve of the changes and don't see any need for the wood.
...Then came the plastic moisture barrier and then the plywood subfloor
that was installed with a gun that shot long nails down
 into the concrete and sounded like...pAHssshhhhhh...PAOW!!!!
...a layer of felt was next (this helps the floor to be quiet when
 we are walking on it.) Then the room was measured and the
 starting row was laid out.
...i laid out the wood how it was to be installed and
the hubs put those carpentry skillzz to work.
...This gun was loud to...but it sounded more like...BAAAHM!!!
...and VOILA! we LOVE IT!!! and can't wait to have friends over for dinner!
(still need to reinstall the threshold and put down shoe moulding)
and these little guys can't wait to get felt pads on their
 feet so they can scoot around the new floor!


Rene said...

How exciting!!! Looks great thanks to your adorable helpers.


julia b said...

loooove the floors! So excited for you guys!

Kelly Mann said...

It looks so great!! I can't wait to see it in person!!