fun & funky star DIY.

 i wrote earlier this week about the reason we need a new star
 for the top of our tree... so i have been on the hunt for a one. 

well as i perused the possibilities at the lobby of hobbies,
i just wasn't lovin any of their tree topping options.

so i got to thinking about making one...
i already had some little wooden dowels and lots o' glitta,
so i picked up metallic silver spray paint and a little
4" foam circle and got after it...
the supplies
i broke down the dowels to different lengths
and pressed them into the foam circle
then i spray painted it (out in the collldd...no pics of that)
 and then a bit of glue & glitter!!
and VOILA! ...he isn't as sparkly in pics as in real life, but you get the idea!
woo hoo for getting the tree done!
and Kody & Heidi solemnly swore that they wouldn't eat it.
(look at those faces...don't they look solemn to you?)


Meagan said...

Everyone time I comment I write "love" but seriously, I love your Christmas tree. The colors, the quilt...fabulous!!

Meagan said...


Rene said...

Those 2 sweeties wouldn't harm a flea :) Love the funky star.


Shelbi Rampy said...

I love your dogs. They make me laugh! They have the most precious personalities!!! And that tree is simply gorg!

Emily Adams said...

this looks so good!! i want our dogs to be friendsss!!!!