i made a lil wreath for the dining room a couple weekends ago...
i used a grapevine wreath and spray painted it metallic silver.
Then I attached silver, blue and gold balls all over it...
i found three sparkly silver floral stems at hobby
 lobby and tucked them in and TA DAA!

it adds just the right amount of sparkle and festivity to our room of dining.

(and p.s...
....the cream platter and the green creamer and sugar bowl in the center
of the shelf above the wreath are no longer with us. They fell to their death as we
were prepping for the wood floor this weekend. sniff sniff.
 not heirlooms or anything, thankfully, but they will be missed)

here are some other cutie pa tootie wreath ideas...

1. check out these TWO ahdorable wreath ideas that crafty julia from
mr. b and me made!...i LOVE them!

2. this absolutely gorgeous boxwood wreath
that Rene at Cottage and Vine made...maybe i'll attempt next year.

3. and Melissa at The Inspired Room made a really pretty white
wreath with faux snow spray and white berries that looks
sooo lovely with all of her other beautiful Christmas decor.

check em out and good luck wreathing!


René said...

Your wreath is gorgeous! Aren't you a sweetie for the shout out?! Thanks!


Casey Orr said...

Oh Becca, I love your blog!! I really love your Christmas ball wreaths! You are so creative. Hope you are doing well!