ornamentation time.

my sweet mamma is so great...she gets each of
us an ornament for Christmas every year.
It is so much fun for me to have a little memory
 from every year of my childhood. 

I have gotten a new ornament for us each year as well
...here is our 1st Christmas ornament...2008:
And this sweet little Rudolph was the ornament I got for 2009:
(I got it from here
 so...starting out we had a good amount of ornaments, but definitely not
enough to fill a tree. So our first year I made several little paper
ornaments to fill out the tree...
 I used a ribbed card stock and little gold embellishments... 
The handcrafted look of the ornaments really makes our tree feel cozy!
  this year I wanted to add some blue/turquoise to the tree...
but I don't know how fully committed I am to these colors for the future
so I didn't want to go out and spend a bunch of money on them. 

solution: I pulled out the paper, scissors, hole puncher, raffia, ribbon, glue, 
 & creativity and got to work!

I made several like this one...
we had discontinued wallpaper samples from the studio and
I really liked the grey and cream in this pattern...
the messages on these ornaments are
reminders of Jesus' birth which is why we celebrate Christmas!!! 
having little scriptures and messages on the
ornaments adds personal charm and character... 
 I had a lot of fun making these little guys and I should finish up
with the rest of the tree by the end of the week!
Also...I have to figure out what I am going to do for a STAR for
 the top of the tree! Last year Kody somehow managed to
shake the tree so hard that the star fell and he ate it.
soooo...yeaaa...gonna need to come up with a non appetizing tree topper.


Emily Adams said...

i LOVE your crafty ornaments and i LOVE the story of Kody eating the star. definitely laughed out loud. :)

Megan said...

These are SO precious Becca!! I love them!! You are so talented!!